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Camp registrations opening up, what to expect this summer

April 21, 2021 / By Lisa Verdin

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Summer is just around the corner and registration is opening up for camps across the Sioux Empire. Spaces are already starting to fill up for summer camps at the Washington Pavilion and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire.

“We have seen a really good response to our summer camps. We’ve been fortunate that we have, you know 70 percent of them are filling up. And so I think we’re a little bit surprised about how quickly they’ve been filling up and the response, but you know, we’ll take it any day,” said Maddy Grogan, Director of Education for the Washington Pavilion.

It’s recommended families sign up as soon as possible to ensure they get a spot.

Both camps were held in person last year, and they are taking what they learned into this summer. Safety protocols will be followed.

“Keeping them in the same groups in the event that, you know small things happen. We are ready and able to kind of make some changes and keep everyone safe,” said Billy Mawhiney, Director of Operations for Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire.

Group sizes will also be smaller.

This year, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire are looking at safe ways to get kids out into the community.

“One of the big moments I think is really finally getting out and doing some of those field trips that we weren’t able to do last year. So swimming I think is top of every kids’ list this summer,” said Mawhiney.

The Washington Pavilion is also offering virtual options for families.

One is called Experience Your Washington Pavilion at Home.

“Those are free options for families. They can browse our website and find different science experiments, art projects, gallery tours, that sort of thing,” said Grogan.

The other is called Pavilion in the Classroom and costs $20.

“Videos that have a tour or a science demo and then they are paired with an activity that matches,” said Grogan.

It was created for classes to use in place of a field trip, but families are welcome to try it out as well.

After a difficult year, these organizations are just excited to offer some fun opportunities to kids this summer.

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