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Therapy Dog Visits Kids At Boys And Girls Club

July 22, 2021 / By Lisa Verdin

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Therapy Dog Visits Kids At Boys And Girls Club

by Genna Scott• Published on July 16, 2021

A couple from Nashville and their dog are traveling the country to share the importance of animal therapy.

They made a recent stop in Sioux Falls to visit with kids at the Boys and Girls Club.

Sean and Christina Conlon are on the road with their golden retriever Nash. The three have been traveling in an R.V. since November to share their mission of animal-assisted therapy.

Sean says there are many people who can benefit from this.

“Anyone that’s gone through a traumatic event or really honestly just any struggle that you’re having whether it’s anxiety or depression- an animal and specifically a dog, is just there to listen. They provide unconditional love, and it’s easy for us humans to connect with an animal like that.”

The Conlons knew they wanted to start animal therapy when they adopted Nash. Christina says he is a perfect fit for the job.

“We really wanted to do therapy work and Nash without even knowing it was made for this. And he’s got a great personality to do it. We love it because it has shown us a dog’s true purpose on this Earth. We love having him and we love being able to just love on him ourselves but being able to share him with others is just such a dream.”

And the kids at the Boys and Girls Club were instant fans of Nash.

Nash even took a break to get in a walk with some of the kids.

“He really loves kids and he has a good personality.”

The Conlons introduce Nash while handing out the dog’s business cards that promote his Instagram and YouTube channel called Paws for Love.

The Conlons hope to adopt a second dog and extend their tour into next year.